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Pony - Countries Comparison (Combined).png - ( 4.39MB , 900x6300 )
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I made this:
4 viestiä ja 3 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1040
Oh lol XD I hope you update it when S4 is over XDD
No. 1041
>not Berry Punch
Meh, a Spike is fine too.

Most of those I agree with; the rest I just didn't recognise.
No. 1056
berry_punch_discovers_the_internet_by_celticfan91-d63jqxe[1].png - ( 136.73KB , 1024x882 )
>not Berry Punch

This is an insult to all the Finns who drink themselves to death each year!

139383662228.jpg - ( 62.38KB , 321x620 )
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Yakchimash! My name Borat! I love you! I love sex!
Come on http://4ch.kz. Atmosphere of gloom, cheerful communication with social phobia as well as funny pictures - it's all here! Friendly administration and anonymous looking forward to you!

(Käyttäjälle rahoitettiin kuulento koska kurwakurwakurwakurwakurwa)

3herpy dooves.jpg - ( 29.22KB , 500x500 )
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>suddenly there's people

Pretending Finns or whut?
Welcome anyways, too bad this int's got no flags or anything.
45 viestiä ja 39 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1035
Gob_Horizon.gif - ( 1.34MB , 372x473 )

>bumps a two-year-old thread
>complains about the thread
No. 1042
twilight_flapple_by_dentist73548-d3lot3n.png - ( 132.22KB , 920x869 )
It's hard not to bump an ancient thread when they're all ancient.
No. 1043
inba.gif - ( 107.07KB , 255x255 )

1363955550501.png - ( 121.68KB , 242x227 )
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Is friendship really magic?
2 viestiä ja 2 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 932
My favorite type of magic - Lesbomancy
No. 933
My_Little_Pony_Friendship_is_Magic_logo_svg.png - ( 54.64KB , 250x307 )
No. 987
132693620474.jpg - ( 7.57KB , 127x200 )

pinkie pie mexico.jpg - ( 191.17KB , 1600x1000 )
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6 viestiä ja 5 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 979
1368870860632.png - ( 293.05KB , 1109x920 )
I'm not your mare, mare.
No. 980
173875__safe_rainbow-dash_edit_top-hat_fancy_cucumber-monocle.jpg - ( 19.97KB , 250x220 )
Nice work bumping precisely two years old thread.
You were barely off by an hour.
No. 985
Pinkie.png - ( 79.05KB , 269x270 )
Punctuality is my middle name.

pinkie_pie_again_by_moongazeponies-d3jpf4z.png - ( 242.42KB , 1280x931 )
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Pinkie Pie appears!
> What to do?
1 viesti ja 1 kuva ohitettu.
No. 971
Pinkie on the street.png - ( 5.23MB , 2388x1592 )
In addition to the standard pony encouter protocol of "How did you get here and can I get to equestria with you?", I would keep an eye out for any kind of fourth wall breaks because they would have some drastic existential implications.
No. 972
No. 973
1367019987159.jpg - ( 51.00KB , 359x305 )
Use Master Ball.

najlepszy nazista.png - ( 241.51KB , 430x529 )
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hellou ponilauta :-D
3 viestiä ja 2 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 965
best Magenta poni tervehtii ponihomoja.jpg - ( 100.19KB , 960x540 )
No. 966
best poles.jpg - ( 70.43KB , 600x400 )
No. 967
skootaspurdo.png - ( 183.53KB , 450x436 )
Ebin velkome to finnish spärde poni :---DDD

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  Any guessing game on who played who in the Finnish dub?

Also, I noticed Spike's Finnish voice is different in some episodes.
6 viestiä ja 2 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 956
I think Shadowbolts leader is voiced by Susa Saukko who also played Fluttershy. (Judging from voice samples on her My Space) By the way, how is the team called in Finnish? Piholaisin?
No. 958

I don't remember what the Shadowbolts were called in Finnish, but the Wonderbolts are Sähikäiset, which is translated as Firecrackers.
No. 959
  Just found a Transformers: Prime clip in Finnish. Did I just hear Celestia, Nightmare Moon or Zecora's voice from Airachnid?

No. 911 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  Looks like Japanese dub fans are frustrated. The dub left the song in English.
10 viestiä ja 3 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 940
  The Japanese dub did it again. They left "Art of the Dress" songs in English.

Apparently, someone was trying to prank those who have been expected "Winter Wrap Up" sung in Japanese with the language all of you are familiar with.
No. 941
Laughing khajiit.jpg - ( 97.91KB , 640x427 )
No. 957
  Looks like Japanese dub songs when only 1-3 persons are required, but left with just subtitles when a team of choir is required. I wonder what will they do with "At the Gala" and "Smile".

By the way, here's the Japanese version of that song with Pinkie Pie's can can.

No. 951 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
  I know this isn't a G3-chan, but after seeing Sari Ann Moilanen's ( http://sariann.com/ ) filmography ( http://sariann.com/tiedostot/CV_suomeksi.pdf ) which says she played both FIM and G3.5 Scootaloo, I suddenly want to watch all the G3 cartoons in Finnish, or at least want to get Finnish voice cast list of all those cartoons.

Quick terms
* G3: Everything right before FIM
* Core 7: Number of characters reduced to 7, Rainbow Dash gone fashionista, first appearance of Scootaloo, Toolaloola, Sweetie Belle and Starsong, same shape as previous G3
* G3.5: All the ponies gone chibi
1 viesti ohitettu.
No. 953
  I don't know what generation this is, but at least its old with pre-2000s dubbing from back when Agapio was the only finnish dubbing company and didn't give a fuck. As in, the CEO was drunk at work.
No. 954
That's My Little Pony Tales, the later G1.
No. 955
Speaking of G1, aren't there two Finnish versions for each shows, all titled Pikku ponit despite the year of original release?

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