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Suspicous.png - ( 60.11KB , 142x200 )
1107 No. 1107
Has anybody seen Rainbow Rocks yet? Was it any good? I've been out of the loop.
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 1108
I'm going to watch it today evening.
From what I heard for now it's shit but better then first Equestria Girls. Also Sonata is being favoured for some reason.
No. 1109
134825727376.jpg - ( 156.50KB , 1172x1600 )
Download link anyone?
No. 1110
try this http://thepiratebay.se/search/rainbow%20rocks/
No. 1111
747164__safe_screencap_equestria+girls_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_lip+bite_sonata+dusk_sonatabetes_discovery+family[1].png - ( 210.78KB , 405x501 )
I just watched it a few days ago, and it was great! It had a lot of fanservice, but it's popular for a reason.

Sonata is absolutely adorable, and definitely earned the love she gets. I mean, she *IS* a villain, but she's still so nice and cute and happy...
No. 1112
Meh. It was okay. Not bad but not very good either. Personally I liked the first one more since it had that "pony turns into a human" -thing going on which gave us a lot of fun gags. But since that trope was already used they didnt have much gags for the second film.
No. 1113
I watched it and it was enjoyable. Some songs were great.
But now I don't understand how is Sonata so much liked, for me she is just stupid.
No. 1114
The first one was ok for what it was. A non-humanized pony movie would be preferable, but whatever. The season premiers/finales scratch that itch anyways.
No. 1116
Oh crap, that's unexpected news. Since the movie is scheduled for 2017 season 6 and 7 are pretty much confirmed. Two more years of pony, at least.
No. 1117
1413557594504.gif - ( 201.82KB , 500x229 )
very good
No. 1118
739004.jpg - ( 329.63KB , 1400x1000 )
It has nothing to do with her personality. Sonata and baconhair were proclaimed Best Humans and new waifus as soon as they appeared in trailers.
Sunny totally deserves Best Human though

Still waiting for the uncut (aka blu-ray version). They cut a shitload more of stuff than in the last movie, to make time for ads:
No. 1120
745746__safe_solo_animated_screencap_smile_equestria+girls_cute_upvotes+galore_happy_grin[1].gif - ( 3.35MB , 363x1076 )

> I don't understand how is Sonata so much liked, for me she is just stupid.

That hasn't bothered a certain grey pegasus in the past...

Spoiler alert from now on, just to be safe.

She seemed more silly than stupid, in a Pinkie Pie kind of way. In better company comments like "Really? Cause I think this place is the worst!" would have earned a smile, or at worst an exasperated eye roll, but she never did anything that would harm their agenda.


I didn't know baconhair was popular. I always just saw her as a bitch. Speaking of Sunset being a bitch, I could never have expected how well her character was handled in Rainbow Rocks. She was hanging with the mane 6 (mane 5 in Canterlot High?), not as part of it but rather a new girl the princess from another world had told them to be friends with. She knew her past transgressions hadn't been forgotten, and it indeed wasn't until near the end that she even dared to point out the bleeding obvious about the old friends fighting among themselves. She was the best, most realistically handled reformed character I have seen in any show ever.

No. 1121
1367586746792.gif - ( 243.16KB , 525x525 )
Damn, that's cute.
No. 1128
1414855084541.gif - ( 433.31KB , 324x231 )
No. 1145
These movies lack the demographic spanning appeal the show had in season 1. Preteen girls might like Rainbow Rocks, but I was bored of it within the first five minutes. Can't fault the writers for coloring within the lines, though.

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