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No. 1232
  In season 5, there have been memorably amusing moments from Rainbow Dash in all aspects, which made us giggle. This means that the Queen of Arendelle has to deal with such situations.

Season 5 is coming to Finland.

From 28 December, 2015
On Nelonen Nappula

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No. 1233
505322__safe_animated_sweetie+belle_edit_button+mash_glass_pain_ouch_youtube+poop_funny+as+hell[1].gif - ( 3.17MB , 580x464 )
Great! Not only will this teach children about the awesomeness of ponies, but it will give new material for Finnish youtube poops and such as well!

I also bet that before the next season starts, I'll once again be desperate enough for more pony to watch the previous seasons in different languages again.
No. 1235
Well that's surprisingly quick, considering how Last Airbender/ Digimon Tamers and other shows took 3+ years before it ever came to Finland, while this one starts broadcasting mere months after the season ended. Back in my childhood the only quality cartons we had were Moomins, J.Kwak and Pokemon, and those also came many years later from their original broadcast in other countries.
Being a Finnish kid with cable TV is pretty great nowadays.
No. 1236
Set your PVR on Nelonen Nappula at 8 am tomorrow morning.

No. 1237
Sorry. At around 8:14 am

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